Largometraje Documental

Dirección: Brenda Avila-Hanna / Producción: Brenda Avila-Hanna, Katy Greaney / Co Producción: Casandra Casasola / Directora de Fotografía: Katy Greaney / Cámara Adicional: Casandra Casasola, Eugenia Rentería, Alejandro Santana Jr. / Edición: Melina Tupa.


Alejandra, an Indigenous, transgender woman from Oaxaca, Mexico escaped violence in her hometown and fled to the U.S. 28-years-ago. Today, Alejandra’s elderly mother eagerly awaits in Oaxaca for her child’s return after all those years apart. However, Alejandra’s transnational journey proves to be particularly challenging as familiar prejudices threaten to keep this family apart, this time on the Northern side of the border.